Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I be due a tax return?

If you incurred a work-related expense, such as uniform, tools, paid subscription etc. and/or changed your employment within the last 4 years and/or were issued a different tax code then you could be eligible for a tax return.

How do I know if I am owed a tax rebate or refund?

If you are due a tax rebate HMRC will let you know by sending you a letter with P800 form.

What can I claim for?

You can claim tax for expenses that you incurred to perform your job, this includes car, van and travel expenses, office, property and equipment, clothing expenses, staff expenses, reselling goods, legal and financial costs, marketing, entertainment and subscription etc.

How can I calculate my tax rebate if I work under the Construction Industry Scheme?

To calculate your tax rebate, you will need details of your work-related expenses and total income. Our Tax Calculator will give you an estimate of your tax refund, if you are CIS registered, otherwise please get in touch with us for your refund estimation on 0131 549 9540.

When can I claim my tax back?

You can claim your tax at any time during the financial year for the last four years.

What is the financial year?

A financial year is a year reckoned from 6th April until 5th April of the following year for taxing or accounting purposes. For example, the 2018/2019 tax year ran from 6 April 2018 until 5 April 2019.

How long does it take to get tax back?

Usually the process takes up to 4 weeks once we have received all your details.

How do I file a claim?

You can start by filling the Quick Application Form and we will get in touch with you on further steps.

Shouldn't my employer include the tax deductions?

It is your obligation as a taxpayer to ensure that all excess tax has been timely claimed.

Can I claim for previous years?

Definitely. You can claim tax relief for the last four years.

How much do you charge?

Pay As You Earn tax claim will be a subject to 19% charge with a minimum of £50 fee charge. Self-Employed tax claim will be a subject to £180 flat fee charge.

What documents do you require?

We would need you to have P45 or P60 form from your employer as well as receipts for all expenses you incurred. If you are looking to return your PAYE tax, we would need your P800 form.

What is a P60 form?

P60 form is a certificate issued at the end of financial year. Indicates the amount of tax you paid for previous years.

Why I need P45 document?

P45 document contains details of earnings and tax paid during current year. Please let our tax specialists know if you're due to a tax return.

Can I claim my tax again, if I have already done so in the past?

As the tax codes change quite frequently it might be worth making another claim to ensure you haven't overpaid any tax.

What is the financial year?

A financial year is a year reckoned from 6th April until 5th April of the following year for taxing or accounting purposes. For example, the 2016/2017 tax year ran from 6 April 2016 until 5 April 2017.

Can I claim a tax refund if I move abroad?

If you live or have been living abroad, you can claim your tax back for the last four years.

How will I receive my refund?

The tax refund can be made straight to your bank account or sent via bank cheque.

How can I read your Terms and Conditions?

You can learn more about our Terms and Conditions on our website.

Could I be eligible for tax rebate if I'm CIS worker?

If you specialize in construction work, you are likely to be owed a tax refund. Please contact us on 0131 549 9540 for further information about your refund.

What does my CIS Tax Rebate size depend on?

Usually it depends on expenses related to your job as well as your total earnings.