Terms and Conditions

1. Terms and conditions

1.1 The Standard Terms and Conditions on this page shall manage the use of the website and services associated with Return Tax Online.

1.2 These Terms will be applied fully and affect to your use of this website and our services. By using Return Tax Online, you agreed to accept all terms and conditions written in here. You must not use this Website if you disagree with any of these Website Standard Terms and Conditions.

2. Definitions

2.1 Return Tax Online is referred as "We", "Us" or "Our".

2.2 "You" or "Your" will be referred to you as a user of our services.

2.3 The direct use of our services to return your overpaid tax from HMRC will be referred as a "claim" procedure.

2.4 "Website" is referred to www.returntaxonline.co.uk

3. Service fees

3.1 Any tax return obtained through our service will be refunded directly to you via your preferred method of payment.

3.2 We will directly deduct a fee for filing a claim on your behalf from the Tax Return that you receive.

3.3 CIS individual tax return will be a subject to a £280 flat fee charge for a standard case. Any other self-assessment tax claim will be a subject to £180 flat fee charge for a standard case. More complex tax claims (both CIS and the rest self-employed cases) will be charged proportionally higher fee, based on an average accountant hourly pay.

3.4 Any PAYE self-assessment tax claim will be a subject to £280 fee charge.

3.5 These fees apply to any tax claims that we file on your behalf.

4. Your responsibilities and obligations

4.1 By submitting your claim using our services you confirm that:

4.1.1 The information you provide about yourself is true and accurate in all respects.

4.1.2 You lawfully appoint us as your representative (nominee) to act on your behalf and receive updates from HMRC regarding your claim directly in order to recover any overpaid tax.

4.1.3 You authorise us to use and/or obtain your information for the sole purpose of providing a service of recovering overpaid tax on your behalf.

4.1.4 Your filed claim to HMRC using our services is general.

4.1.5 You have a clear and accurate record of required evidence to support your claim and you can readily provide these in case it is required by HMRC or us.

4.1.6 We are only responsible for the claim that you have chosen to file using our service. Any other tax claims should be dealt separately.

4.1.7 You agree to pay us the service fee as explained in Service Fees section.

4.1.8 You understand that we will pursue your claim to the best of our ability given adequate resources and reasonable attempts.

4.1.9 You agree to cooperate with us on any complications with the claim if reasonably required.

4.1.10 You acknowledge that the ultimate responsibility for filing your claim will lie on you.

4.1.11 You agree to pay the specified amount whether or not you are owed refund or repayment from HMRC.

4.1.12 If you owe money to HMRC, the invoice will be sent to you with a payment period of 7 days.

4.1.13 If you fail to pay the invoice within the given timescale after using our service, you acknowledge that your case will be passed to The Debt Collector (3rd Party).

5. Our Service and responsibilities

5.1 We can file a tax refund claim for specific tax years specified on your form. Our service can recover overpaid tax due to but not limited to:

5.1.1 Paying tax when your income is within tax free personal allowance.

5.1.2 Work related expenses that were not considered when paying tax.

5.1.3 Having incorrect tax code and/or having emergency tax code.

5.2 Based on the information you have provided we will calculate your estimated tax return.

5.3 Please note, that the estimated tax return that we provide does not serve as any guarantee for the actual tax refund.

5.4 We are not liable if your estimate is lower than your actual tax refund or if the claim does not result in any tax refund. Therefore, we do not recommend making any financial commitments based on our provided estimate for your tax return.

5.5 Normally, we will aim to complete the tax claim process within 4 weeks after we receive all relevant information and documentation from you.

5.6 If any clarification or further information is required for HMRC to progress with your claim, we will try to notify you, however we will reserve the right to cancel the claim, put it on hold or take out any parts of the claim that require further clarity.

5.7 We will file claim based on the information provided by you, however will not be held accountable for any errors made by HMRC with respect to your claim or its refusal.

5.8 We will make any necessary amendments to the claim before submitting it to HMRC.

5.9 We will try to make sure that your claim is processed within 4 weeks, however we do not guarantee any specific timescale.

5.10 We do not take any responsibility for the tax return or its refusal if:

5.10.1 The claim is filed with false, incorrect or misleading information, as provided by the customer. If in case of investigation, the information provided by the customer is incorrect, we will not take any responsibility for misinformation and will charge the customer for the service provided, whether or not the customer will receive the tax return.

5.10.2 You owe money to HMRC.

5.10.3 Your provided information differs to the information held by HMRC.

5.10.4 HMRC requests the previously issued tax rebate back due to claim being filed incorrectly or any errors made by HRMC.

5.10.5 You have already made a claim before using our service.

6. Claim cancellation

6.1 You can cancel your claim before you return completed form to us and have notified us accordingly.

6.2 Once you returned us the completed claim form, the cancellation of the claim would be subject to a normal service fee detailed in Service fees section, provided that the claim has not been sent to HMRC.

6.3 If the claim form has been submitted to HMRC, the cancellation is no longer allowed.

6.4 Once the claim has been processed by HMRC it cannot be cancelled.

6.5 You acknowledge that we have a right to cancel your claim at any point of the process.

6.6 By using our service, you agree that we are not liable for any penalties you have received related to your Tax Return.

7. Validity

7.1 In case of one or more statements detailed in Terms and Conditions are found incorrect, unlawful or un enforceable, these statements can be deemed as invalid, however the rest of Terms and Conditions will still be enforceable.

7.2 The Terms and Conditions stated here are governed by British Law. Thus, any disputes or disagreements with these can be settled in accordance with British Law.